25th June - 03rd July 2016

    Serra de Tramuntana, Mallorca

  • The Call to Adventure

    When we walk with the wind, listen to the songs of the mountain, feel the rhythm of the earth pulsing beneath our feet, we remember. Suddenly we shift into an experience of pure simplicity - 

    all illusions fall away, and we are cleansed of our worries and concerns.


    We come home to ourselves.


    This is the power and the majesty of the mountains.

    The possibility that opens when we heed the call to adventure -

    the stirring in our gut that whispers,


    "There is something waiting for you out there amongst the rocks and the ridges,

    the firs and the sky. Go to it."


    ⋘ ⋙

  • "The mountains are calling and I must go"

    { John Muir }

  • Intention

    Our intention for this hike is to challenge our own boundaries – physical and non-physical, and to explore what remains when we overcome daunting challenges. In the setting of the rugged and soul-stirring wilderness, we invite you to this quest – about Self and Meaning, about womanhood and sisterhood, and the vast possibility of our lives.

    We believe wild nature can help us in our individual and collective search for meaning and potential. To leave life as we know it behind for a few days and completely immerse ourselves in nature’s open spaces is an opportunity to get out of the boundaries of our assumptions about ourselves and experience the size of our infinite Self.


    Out under the vast expanse of sky, the endless ridges of the mountains, we drop into a deep awareness of our smallness -

    our perspective of our lives undergoes a radical shift, and the knowing of who we are and our place in the world

    settles deep into our bones.


    What happens when we transcend our imaginary limits and come to know who we really are?


  • We walk to transition

    To release that which no longer serves.

    To transcend our concepts of who we are and what we can do


    The old makes way for the new

    Throughout our lives we face many periods of transition. When we aren't fully aware of the process it can feel like a struggle, awkward and painful.

    Consciously transitioning from one phase to another, surrendering to the process, we can birth the new gently, wisely, and with grace. 


    From closure comes freedom

    We all carry scars, wounds, stories that have yet to be ended, patterns that are waiting to be released.

    Walking is a powerful catalyst for letting go. For opening to new possibilities. For leaving behind what no longer serves, drawing a line, finding closure.


    A space for the emerging Self

    Sometimes we need to break out of an old self-concept, an old identity that no longer quite fits, a belief about who we are that no longer serves us.

    In the wilderness of the rugged mountains with the wide expanse of sky above us, step by step we open, surrender, transform. 


    ​”It was a world I’d never been to and yet had known was there all along.

    A world I thought would both make me into the woman I knew I could become, and turn me back into the girl I’d once been”​



    { Cheryl Strayed​ }

  • The Challenge

    Five days across the mountains of northern Mallorca

    Our journey begins in Pollença at the foot of the Tramuntana mountain region in the northeastern part of the island where we will gather for the first night.


    The following day our hike along the GR 221 route kicks off heading west towards Sóller. Over the next five days we will be covering an average walking distance of about 15-20km per day. Most of our nights will be spent at hilltop sanctuaries and mountain refuges that provide basic accommodation facilities and meals.

  • Integration

    Two days to relax, celebrate and integrate at the end of the trail in Deià


    Kick back and enjoy

    After moving every day we'll be slowing down the last two days and letting the experience settle in as we enjoy being lazy and deeply relax.


    How far we've come

    We're going to have earned some fun and these last two days will be all about it - sun, sea & enjoying the satisfaction of a challenge well met.


    Let the experience sink in

    We'll hold space for integrating the adventure; what happened, what came up, what shifted, what impulses or insights have come into awareness.

  • Practicalities

    Getting there

    Mallorca has one international airport (PMI) with most low-cost airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair providing connections to bigger and medium-sized European cities.


    Our base for the first night will be Pollença, which is easily reachable from the airport by taxi (and costs a maximum of 40 Euros), however we will try to coordinate joint transportation with people arriving at similar times.


    We will be hiking in high temperatures (the average in June is 21 degrees Celsius with maximum 30 degrees) through rough terrain including rocky landscapes, and although it tends to cool down a lot faster in the mountains the summer heat can be quite challenging.


    The average walking distance we intend to cover daily is around 15-20km - we trust you to assess your fitness level responsibly and decide for whether this adventure is right for you or not.


    We expect hot temperatures but mountain weather is unpredictable so layers of clothing (including rain protection!) are the way to go. In the evenings the temperature does cool significantly so you'll need to bring some warm clothes to make sure you're snug when we settle down for the night.


    You're going to need a backpack, sleeping bag, hiking boots (that have been broken in!), sunglasses, rain gear, water flasks, sun protection, a hat and a basic first aid kit - a full packing list will be provided

  • 7 Days. 8 Extraordinary Women.

    Will you be one of them?

    We're committed to having a beautiful group of women gather for this unique journey -

    for this reason we're having 1 : 1 calls with everyone who's interested in joining.


    We'll have a playful, co-created exploration about the retreat, your interest and the practical details.


    Send us an email and we'll be in touch!

  • Investment




    ➳ 7 days, 8 nights full board

    ➳ 5 day guided hike

    ➳ 2 days in a hotel by the sea

    ➳ Group transportation to/from airport as logistics allow

    ➳ A powerful container for transformation

    ➳ A band of sisters with an unforgettable connection

  • About  Steph

    Your guide for the adventure

    Stephanie Lisa Kelly

    Psychologist + Certified Coach, Facilitator & Way of Council practitioner + Flower Essence Therapist

    Steph is a Coach, Writer & Retreat Leader who helps women live more embodied, empowered and delicious lives. She’s also a restless creative, passionate instigator, bold adventurer, wildhearted dreamer, free spirit, urban shaman, tribe weaver and international vagabond.

    She hosts workshops and retreats on self-expression, permission, pleasure, power and freedom, and facilitates transformational containers at meetings, conferences and other events. She believes that the world will be saved by women who dare to become powerful agents of change, that surrender leads to magic {always}, that goofiness is medicine, and that campfires and mountain tops are sacred.


    Find her online: www.stephanielisakelly.com

    Connect via email: stephanie.lisa.kelly@gmail.com